Breaking Down The Top 5 in the BCS

By Jeremy Clements

(St. Louis, Mo 10/24/10) Last night the Bowl Championship Series released their newest rankings and I continue to be baffled by them.

#5 – Michigan State

First there is the #5 team, Michigan State. I understand they are undefeated and play in the Big Ten but look at who they have played. They have quality wins over Wisconsin and Michigan however they almost lost to Northwestern last weekend. They are good but I’m not convinced they deserve a top 5 spot just yet.

#4 – TCU

TCU is an interesting case. They are undefeated and have only allowed one touchdown this month. However their strongest win was against Oregon State. Sure they get style points for some of the huge blowouts they have had but I’m not sold they deserve this ranking just yet.

#3 – Boise State

The Broncos are the perennial BCS buster. They always seem to have a quality team. This year they are 6-0 and playing very well. However their strongest win was a close game against and under performing Virgina Tech squad who lost to James Madison. I’m not sure that’s really something they can hang their hat on at this point. They also have an extremely weak schedule so for as much as I respect them, I’m not sold on them being the 3rd best team in the nation.

#2 – Oregon State

The Ducks are for real. They have beaten quality teams such as UCLA, Stanford and Tennessee. I personally believe they should be the number one team in the nation and would be confident picking them to win the national title. I think they are ranked #2 because they play in the Pac 10.

#1 – Auburn.

I can’t knock down the Tigers too much. They do play in arguably the toughest conference, the SEC. They have beaten four teams ranked in the top 25 and have played one of the toughest schedules in the country. They have beaten South Carolina, Arkansas and most recently LSU. I think they are one of the best programs in the nation but I’m not counting out Alabama just yet in the SEC. Auburn will face Bama later this season

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