Privacy is Key in Pujols Talks

(St. Louis – 1/17/10) By Jeremy Clements

We’ve all had conversations we wanted to keep private. Whether it’s something as serious as going through a divorce or something as a lighthearted joke about a friend. So honestly, why are Cardinals fans getting so pissed off about Albert Pujols wanting a little privacy?

It wasn’t long ago that LeBron James went beyond public with his hour long special that was the same as him flipping the bird to Cleveland Cavs fans.

Albert isn’t trying to hide anything. He’s not trying to sneak out of town like Colts did when they left Baltimore for Indianapolis. He is just a private person asking for everyone to relax and allow things to play out.

Since Cards GM John Mozeliak decided to go public with the deadline that was set for something to “crystallize” Pujols has been silent and has even come off as bitter. During a recent press conference he came off as frustrated with Mozeliak’s decision to announce the deadline. Here’s a bit of what he said:

“If the Cardinals want to say something in the paper and talk about our business, then they can say something, but myself, I think I’m more professional than that. If we get something done, everybody is going to know about that.”

Obviously he is annoyed that this was made public. And with every sports journalist in the St. Louis area now commenting and speculating about what will happen things only seem to be getting worse. Talk show hosts encouraging fans to lash out at El Hombre for trying to keep things private while continuing to encourage Mozeliak to go all out and share everything if negotiations fall apart.

Are you kidding me? That’s really the message you want to send Pujols? By doing all this you are already putting yourself in Mo’s corner and slowly building up animosity towards Pujols before anything has even gotten done.

Pujols is key to every plan your club has and making him mad is really the way to say “stay with us Albert, we want you here.”

At this point everyone needs to shut up about this and just let it play out. Stop aligning yourself with one side or the other. It shouldn’t take a genius to figure out that everyone within the Cards organization wants Pujols to be a member of this club going forward. So why not just keep things within and just work with him? Why push it and run the risk of just running him out of town?

The biggest factor in these contract talks isn’t going to be the money or the years, its going to be the privacy.

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