The Pujols Saga Continues

Well folks, we’re basically three days away from the self imposed deadline to renegotiate with Albert Pujols and virtually everyone is talking about it…..well except for the only people who would actually know what is going on.

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If you’ve been paying close attention to Sports Illustrated lately, you’ve undoubtedly seen the recent article by Jon Heyman that proclaimed “Superstar Albert Pujols and the Cardinals are so far apart in negotiations that people familiar with the talks say there is virtually no chance for a deal before the three-time NL MVP reports to spring camp Feb. 16.”

I have only one question Mr. Heyman.What sources do you have? Seriously can we just get past all of this “a source close to (insert name here)” stuff? That only further dilutes what may actually be going on. Because in all of this speculation the only people we should really care about saying things are Pujols or members of the Cardinals front office.

I cast further doubt on the “sources” Mr. Heyman used after reading a story from earlier today in the St. Louis Post Dispatch that mentioned a fairly well-known detail “As that deadline nears, both Pujols’ camp and the Cardinals have declined to talk publicly about their negotiations.”

Not that a credible writer such as Mr. Heyman doesn’t have sources who would speak on the the condition of remaining anonymous, but really, I just don’t care about what is said unless it’s directly from Pujols, Mo’, or another Cardinals figurehead.

That goes for former Cardinals talking as well. I respect what former players have done and the things that former managers have done. And of course they are going to be asked what they think. But if former closer Todd Worrell doesn’t think Pujols is going to be a Cardinal much longer does that really matter? Or if Hall of Fame manager Whitey Herzog chimes in with his thoughts, with all due respect, who cares?

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This is going to continue past the deadline, into the season and has the potential to be such a distraction that it derails the Cards chances in the division. So everyone, please just sit down, shut up and wait this out… because what you say, what former Cardinals say, what “experts say” and heck even what I say doesn’t matter when it’s all said and done.

The bottom line is this: St. Louis get ready for my 2011 forecast, The city will be covered in a blanket of opinions from now until Pujols signs on the dotted line and if he leaves St. Louis that could continue beyond the next calendar year. So get ready for a storm St. Louis, and unlike the “snowpocalypse” that wasn’t, this forecast will be accurate.

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