Melo-drama over? Far From It

(St. Louis Mo. February 23,2011) By now you all know that Carmelo Anthony is a New York Knick. Like that was a surprise? Every major sports network has only been talking about it happening for about six months!

How fast they were to start coining the phrase “Mel0-drama” because of all the trade rumors circulating. You really call that drama? I didn’t believe for a second that he would end up anywhere other than New York.

Carmelo Anthony

Image by Keith Allison via Flickr

I mean come on! If you thought he was going to play for the Nets you’re dumber than I thought. The Nets are just the Clippers of the Eastern Conference. Sure they may move to Brooklyn, but like that will make it that much better. They are even more so like the Clippers if they do because they will simply become second fiddle to New York like the Clippers are to the Lakers in Los Angeles.

No disrespect to the Clippers intended, but it is a fact. The Lakers are kings in L.A. and there is no arguing that.

But back to the point here. Melo was traded and so now the “drama” is over? No way! You see how much drama starts when the Heat, or Celtics, or Lakers lose? Well get ready for that to happen if two years from now the Knicks aren’t what everyone thinks they will be. And even if they are, once they have a bad night, you know like the ones the Lakers had against Cleveland, the microphones will be in Melo’s face asking questions about who’s to blame. Rumors will circulate about teammates not getting along, coaches possibly on the hot seat and who knows what else will happen. Hell, it’s close enough to the media capital of the world, New York that any small scab on a cut Melo has will be major news and the Knicks will take over the back pages of the tabloids on a daily basis.

As if winning wasn’t enough pressure, I really wonder how long it’s going to take the New York media to start asking how it feels to drag a teammate who didn’t want to leave with him. If he feels like a heel for taking Billups out of his hometown and away from where he wanted to be. If there he and Billups are communicating or if everyone in the locker room is positive. Those questions will come soon enough.

So congrats Melo, you got the trade you wanted, you and you’re boy Amare can rule the Big Apple, but this “Melo-drama” is just beginning, so while you say you’re ready for the rings, you better be ready for the media and the real “Melo-drama” first.

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