Rams Problems Start With The Front Office

(St. Louis, Mo.) The St. Louis Rams are off to a 2-8 start after Sunday’s ugly loss to Seattle, not a place the third-year regime wants to be. The Rams have several issues that need to be addressed as soon as possible, but perhaps their biggest issue could be the people in the front office.

ST. LOUIS - JULY 31:  General manager Billy De...

General Manager Billy Devaney of the St. Louis Rams looks on during training camp at the Russell Athletic Training Facility on July 31, 2009 in St. Louis, Missouri. Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Stan Kroenke hasn’t done anything as an owner to show any type of leadership. Since Billy Devaney took over as General Manager in 2008, the Rams have posted a 12-46 record. In fact, other than drafting Sam Bradford and James Laurinaitis and trading for Brandon Lloyd this year, I’m not sure he’s done much of anything right.

As for the coaching staff,  head coach Steve Spagnuolo seemed to have the team on the right track with a six-game improvement last season. But this year has been a disaster. Yes there have been many injuries that have limited what the team can do tactically, but at some point you have to stop with the excuses and evaluate your staff. You didn’t hear Mike McCarthy making excuses when his injury plagued Packers marched through the playoffs and won Super Bowl XLV.

The offense has scored only 10 touchdowns in 10 games this season. Again, there have been key injuries to your quarterback, wide receivers and not to mention the decimated offensive line, but at some point you have to look at Josh McDaniels. He was brought on board and was expected to improve the offense with his creativity. Obviously that hasn’t been the case. Perhaps he shouldn’t have tried to install an overly complex offense after a labor stoppage prevented him from talking to his quarterback during the off season.

Yes the Rams have many problems on the field that need to be addressed for the product to improve. But I think the real problem for the Rams starts with the front office.

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