Rams and Redskins Complete Blockbuster Pre-Draft Trade

By Jeremy Clements

While Peyton Manning continued his free agency tour, the Washington Redskins went all in and struck a deal to acquire the 2nd overall pick from the St. Louis Rams. The blockbuster trade moves the Rams from 2nd, to 6th this year and also gives the Rams additional first round picks in 2013 and 2014 as well 2nd round pick this year.

There is no other way to say it, the Rams made out like thieves in this deal. St. Louis was paid a king’s ransom to move back four spots, which should have little  impact on their plans for the upcoming NFL Draft. In addition, they will be able to gain additional first round talent in the next two drafts which will include talent the likes of Montee Ball, Denard Robinson, Matt Barkley and Marcus Cromartie and others.

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Granted, Robert Griffin III may turn out to be better than Andrew Luck. But, this trade will allow the Rams to move back just four spots and likely still get their man while also giving them 2 first round picks in each of the next two drafts. Picks that could lead to a faster turn around for this franchise than intended.

As for the Redskins, they are hopeful that RG3 can have the same impact on their franchise that the reigning NFL Rookie of the Year Cam Newton had in Carolina. Newton may have only improved the franchise by 4 wins, but that organization now has a new identity and has a quarterback to build around.  If RG3 is equally as successful, the Redskins could win between 8 and 10 games and challenge for a wildcard spot.  It also gives them stability at the quarterback position and a leader to build around. Even though they would have to do it through free agency and in the later rounds of the draft.

While it is too early to project who the top picks in the 2013 and 2014 drafts might be, the fact remains that the Rams will be able to rebuild a lot faster through the draft thanks to this trade, while the Redskins meanwhile are taking an “all or nothing” approach with RG3. In the end, both teams could end up winners in this deal, but again it is too early to tell.

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