Cardinals Struggles Benefit Rams

St. Louis – September 17, 2010
By Jeremy Clements

Rams QB Sam Bradford avoids a sack. Photo via Flickr

For the last few years September has been marked by the St. Louis Cardinals run to the playoffs leaving the start to the St. Louis Rams season overlooked. And who could blame someone for overlooking the Rams? The franchise has struggled since 2006, posting a league worst 6-42 record with many of their home games blacked out in the area.

But this year should be different because of the struggles of the St. Louis Cardinals.

Let’s face facts here. Sports fans in St. Louis are fickle, the majority of them only support a winning team. If you don’t believe me ask someone about the atmosphere at Busch during the last series against the Cubs. Take a look at highlights and all of the empty seats in Baseball Heaven.

Now wait you may be thinking, “how can a fickle sports town support a team that went 1-15 last year?”

The answer is pretty simple. St. Louis sports fans need something to hope for now after being let down by the Redbirds. Sam Bradford is a fresh start for this franchise. Fans see the team improving after a 3-1 preseason. However there are other reasons to believe the Rams are better than just what they did in the postseason.

The NFC West is really a wide open division that may only take seven or eight wins to win and the Rams have the second weakest schedule in the NFL, so perhaps the Rams are closer to returning to the Greatest Show on Turf sooner than you think.

taken by William Wesen 10/22/2007
Image via Wikipedia

The idea of the Cards struggles helping the Rams has much bigger implications than you think. The Edward Jones Dome is in dire need of an upgrade and the Rams lease says that if the Dome isn’t one of the top eight stadiums in the NFL after the 2014 season the team can relocate. The Cards struggling means more fans will be drawn to the games of an up and coming Rams team. More than 52,000 people attended last weekend’s season opener against Arizona and they had their highest television ratings since 2006. If the Rams can capitalize on their schedule and keep the fans coming to the Dome, they will generate more revenue providing for better renovations and an increased chance of keeping the Rams in St. Louis.

A better team means a better bottom line, and that’s big part of the Rams rebuilding project

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