Caution: Now Entering Construction Zone

If you hadn’t figured it out by now, our St. Louis Rams are in rebuilding mode. That’s pretty clear considering the following:

49ers–Rams rivalry

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– In the last three seasons we have a combined record of 6-42.

Marc Bulger has been released making room for our new quarterback (who I will get to later)

– We just traded our 2007 1st round pick Adam Carriker.

– We posted the 32nd ranked offense while also fielding the 31st ranked defense last season.

So, as we head into the draft we have some pretty glaring needs. We need: defensive and offensive line help, depth in the secondary, a wide receiver, oh and not to mention, a franchise quarterback.

With a shopping list that long, it’s impossible to expect this one draft to fill all of those holes. So Rams fans, I caution you to not expect a huge improvement next season. Just dig in for the long haul. Eventually we will win again, but until then just consider us a work in progress and yourself to be sitting in a construction zone formerly known as the Edward Jones Dome.

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