It’s Just a Number

A few weeks ago, the “future of the Rams”, Sam Bradford announced he would be changing his number from the one he wore in college (14) to the number of one of his heroes (8) causing  a  frenzy.

Sam Bradford, quarterback for the Oklahoma Soo...
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People started going crazy. “He’s changing his number! Only this many people have made the Hall of Fame after changing their numbers!” Or even better, one person doomed the Rams saying “Bradford’s changing his number will put another curse on us.”

Are you serious? You’re telling me that he isn’t going to be successful because he changed his number? Did you tell Kobe Bryant that when he decided to change from 8 to 24? If you did you looked like an idiot then and your still an idiot today.

Folks, its just number on a jersey. His success or lack of it in the NFL won’t be determined by a number on the back of his shirt.

Sam Bradford jersey courtesy

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