It’s “Utterly Ridiculous”

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All this talk of the Rams trading for Donovan McNabb is “utterly ridiculous” to quote one member of the Rams front office. Do the Rams need a quarterback? Yes! But this move makes no sense for this franchise. Let me explain..

Our woeful Rams are in rebuilding mode. Right now it would take our 2nd round pick (#33 overall) plus Oshiomogho Atogwe to even get the ball rolling on this move. Atogwe is our best defenisve back and overall one of young defensive players. Without him our secondary would be decimated and our already weak defense would become nonexistent.

Secondly why would we trade for 35 year old quarterback if we are in rebuilding mode? I’ll be the first to admit that having McNabb would be a huge upgrade over Marc Bulger, but how long would McNabb be able to stay healthy behind our flimsy offensive line? Secondly, if we are truly going to be rebuilding, wouldn’t it make more sense to draft a quarterback and start to build around him instead of building around the strengths of a quarterback who is entering his final years in the league?

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On top of all this, the Rams have so many needs, I think that regardless of who our quarterback is next season it will not make that much of a difference. We do not have a legitimate #1 receiver, our offensive line is week, our defensive line is getting better, we have a decent linebacker core but our secondary is weak.

In the end all of this talk of trading for McNabb is just a lot of hot air and I would be surprised if the Rams make any trades before draft day.

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