Cards Season Marred by Inconsistency and Injuries Still Has Silver Lining

St. Louis – July 15, 2010
By Jeremy Clements

During the first half of the 2010 baseball season Cardinals Nation has been on a roller coaster ride. After starting the season on a 15-6 tear the Redbirds have played below .500 (32-33) since the end of April and they found themselves one game back of the Cincinnati Reds at the All-Star Break .

Many “experts” picked the Cardinals to run away with the division before the season started but that has been anything but the case to this point. Injuries, inconsistent pitching, a sometimes non-existent offense along with some sloppy defense has cost the Cards after their hot start to the season. With two starting pitchers lost to the disabled list (Brad Penny and Kyle Lohse) for most of the first half of the season and key players going down at various times (Ryan Ludwick, Colby Rasmus and David Freese have all missed time) the Redbirds have played enough inconsistent baseball to make even the most die-hard Cards fans, myself included, question the team.

Despite the Cards lack of success there is still a silver lining to this season:

The first part of this silver lining is that we have yet see the Cardinals firing on all cylinders. Albert Pujols, Matt Holliday and Ryan Ludwick have yet to all find their swing at the same time. So in many ways, fans have  yet to see the true offensive identity of this club. Once this team gets going and they get all of the pieces back from the DL this team could be very dangerous. Not to mention when the Cards 1-2 punch of  Chris Carpenter (10-3) and Adam Wainwright (13-5) are pitching well things can only get better for this team.

The other part of the silver lining comes from the scheduling department. The Redbirds have the 2nd easiest schedule in baseball, playing only 31 more games against teams over .500 after tonight’s game against Los Angeles. The only bad news about that is the Reds have the easiest schedule and will have only 25 more games against teams over.500.

So despite the Cards current predicament, they are in great position to take advantage of a strong team with an easy schedule during the second half of the season. Here’s to hoping the pieces come together and the Redbirds claim another division title.

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2 responses to “Cards Season Marred by Inconsistency and Injuries Still Has Silver Lining

  1. I want to bring this up with somebody and, Jeremy, you seem like just the person. I truly enjoy watching Colby Rasmus run the cases. He is smooth and effortless. His bat has been pretty stellar at times this season. He plays well in those two areas, however, I can’t stand his arm from centerfield. If I’m the opposing third base coach and we are down a run to the Cardinals, my hitter pops the ball up to short centerfield…I am sending my runner, because Rasmus’ arm isn’t strong. Now I think we’ve been spoiled with the likes of Jim Edmonds, but I don’t think it’s too much to ask your star centerfielder to throw the ball harder and with more authority. Or heck, maybe just hit your cutoff. He did it tonight against the Dodgers. Trying to throw to the plate on a sac fly, he had no chance and his didn’t hit his cut-off (Pujols) either. People can fault Holliday for the routes he sometimes takes to balls, but I would rather have him throw the ball home. I wanted to rant about it and I think I did. Thanks.

    • Your opinion is always welcomed here Elizabeth. You’re absolutely right! Colby Rasmus has proved to be an asset to the Cards at the plate. He has already matched his home run total from his rookie season and he is a bigger part of this club’s offense than many are willing to admit. His arm is probably average at best and while he has improved some defensively I still personally do not care or his footwork when it comes to tracking down routine fly balls. I think if he worked on his approach to tracking down a shallow fly he could improve both his accuracy and maybe even get a little more behind a throw to make his arm look stronger than it is. Honestly, the only Cards outfielder I would think twice about running on is Ludwick. Holliday’s arm is good but its one I wouldn’t hesitate to test every now and then.

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