St. Louisan Takes “Stand For Stan” Campaign To The Streets.

St. Louis – July 24, 2010
By Jeremy Clements

All season the Cardinals have been pushing the “Stand for Stan” campaign in an effort to help former Cardinal great Stan Musial win the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Bringing arguably one of the most underrated and revered stars in baseball history to the national stage one more time. But as it turns out, there is something here in St. Louis that should happen first and seems like a no-brainer: change the name of 8th street to Stan Musial Street. 8th Street runs directly in front of the Musial Statue next to Busch Stadium and meets with Washington Avenue.

That is exactly what St. Louisan Nicholas Rousseau is hoping to accomplish after starting a group on the social media site, Facebook. “If we can get Betty White on SNL, we can get Stan a street named after him,” said Rousseau.

The group, named for the cause “Change all of 8th Street to Stan Musial Street” was created in April and has since grown to 4,716 members. The quick growth of his group came as a surprise to Rousseau. “I thought people would just be fine with him getting the national honor and would think a street sign is nothing compared to that,” he said. While he’s surprised by the response he understands why the fans have rallied like this. “The fans take care of and respect their past-time heroes who don’t cheat,” he said.

The Cardinals honored Musial with his own day in 2008 before a game against the Tampa Bay Rays by naming the part of 8th Street in front of Busch Stadium “Stan Musial Way” and announced the creation of Stan Musial Plaza.. Rousseau says that isn’t good enough. “Musial deserves the whole street,” he said. “Mark McGwire got a highway and look what happened there. Musial did not do steroids so a renaming a street in his honor shouldn’t be an issue.”

Rousseau who is only 19 never saw Stan “The Man” play in person, but he still knows of his greatness through the stories his dad has told him. “Stan ranks 2nd all-time,” he said. “Behind ‘The Babe’ and just a head of Hank Aaron”.

Rousseau has been pushing hard to gain attention for this grass-roots campaign. He’s managed to gain air time on KTRS, which is partly owned by the St. Louis Cardinals, while also getting several other news outlets in the St. Louis area to publish stories in an effort to rally Cardinals Nation but he isn’t done yet. “My goal is to present the group and a petition I’m working on to officials at City Hall next summer,” he said.

If you are interested in being a part of the group on Facebook click here and you can get involved in the Stand For Stan campaign by following this link.

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