Canadians Rise As NHL Playoff Ratings Fall.

(St. Louis – May 13, 2010)

Last night the Montreal Canadians beat the Pittsburgh Penguins in Game 7 of the semi-finals to become the first 8th seed to reach the conference finals under the current playoff format. This kind of story is good for hockey right?

MONTREAL- FEBRUARY 24:  Jaroslav Halak #41 of ...

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No! It’s bad for the game? Simply because the Canadians have now eliminated the teams with the two biggest stars in the game. The two names that even non-hockey fans know have gone home for the summer and with them went the ratings.

Think I’m crazy? Well I don’t think I am. People today are so busy, there are so many channels to watch and if you aren’t a hockey fan why are you going to watch a game that doesn’t have a superstar in it? I’ll use myself as an example. I’m a Blues fan, my team didn’t make it into the playoffs and the only games I’d really watch were the Caps and Pens games to see Ovechkin and Crosby. Now that they are out I don’t care. Will I watch the finals? Maybe, but I think that myself and the rest of the casual fans will find something else to watch, the Cardinals game perhaps….

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One response to “Canadians Rise As NHL Playoff Ratings Fall.

  1. I agree with that in the U.S., but in Canada, they have to be going crazy about this because one of their teams is making it farther than expected. I will continue to watch the playoffs for the sheer excitement. As for the Cardinals…I’d rather watch my 5-year-old cousin’s tee ball game right now. At least they have a reason to make errors (see Brendan Ryan).

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