Hey Now You’re An All-Star…..or Not.

Albert Pujols

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Time To Vote

That’s right! We’re about 18 games into the baseball season and they have already released the All-Star ballots for this years version of the All-Star Game! It’s time to start voting for a player who may have hit 5 home runs and 15 RBI’s because we all know that by the break he’ll be closer to 20 homers and around 50 RBI, oh and their is no chance he could get injured.

Are you serious? It is April! This game isn’t played until mid-July. I don’t see how you can say that anyone, not even Albert Pujols is an all-star at this point. That may be going a little far, but I have to make it clear. Having fans vote for this game now is pointless. I realize that MLB wants to increase the numbers and hits to their page so they can get more money for the sponsors who will have their logo posted all over the place on the “vote now” page. But this is seriously a joke. We are maybe an eighth of the way through the season and we’re already labeling guys “all-stars” what a joke!

Make Up Your Mind

The All-Star Game, a mid-summer tradition that has recently gone from being an “exhibition” to determining homefield advantage for the World Series. But it’s still an “exhibition”, after all, the fans decide who gets to play in game and lets not forget the fact that every team has to be represented. So lets think about it for a second. If it’s the bottom of the ninth inning and the score is tied, you could end up seeing players from teams who won’t be in contention to make the World Series or even the playoffs for that matter!

Mariano Rivera
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Realistically the All-Star game is nothing but a popularity contest. Now it is true that guys like Albert Pujols, Ryan Howad, and Derek Jeter all deserve to be there, but some of the guys who make the team only make it because of ballot-box stuffing loyal fans. If you want to have a game determine homefield advantage the World Series they have to take the vote away from the fans and they should also do away with the “every team has to be represented rule.” The best players from each league should be in the game, that is how you can legitimize giving homefield advantage to the winner of this game. I would feel better about the National League having homefield if in the bottom of the 9th the winning hit was off of a guy like Mariano Rivera, instead of Kerry Wood.

The bottom line is this, Major League Baseball needs to come to a consensus. If they want this game to be nothing more than an exhibition and just pure entertainment for fans, like the other major sports in America do, then just let the fans vote and have someone from every team represented. But if they want to make this game determine something as important as homefield advantage in the World Series, then they need to make changes necessary to make sure the best product is on a level playing field.

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One response to “Hey Now You’re An All-Star…..or Not.

  1. I agree all the way. We might as well have 2-year-olds select the players. Or a random person from kazakstan. Selig is a joke when it comes to the all star game

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