Hurricane Hanley Hits South Florida

(St. Louis – May 19, 2010)

Hurricane Hanley has made landfall in south Florida. The only damage however appears to have taken place in the Florida Marlins clubhouse.

It started Tuesday as a Tropical Depression. After fouling a ball off of his shin in the first inning of a game against the Arizona Diamondbacks, Hanley Ramirez decided to stay in the game.  The next inning Ramirez committed an error, kicking a ball into the outfield and then jogging after it. After the incident his manger Fredi Gonzalez made the decision to bench the young star.

The warm weather in Miami must have helped this storm jump to Hurricane status in less than twenty four hours. On Wednesday the face of the Marlins franchise decided to lash out at his manager and going as far to say that “he never played in the majors so he doesn’t understand.”

Gonzalez decided to take the high road and only say that Ramirez would play again when he decided to apologize to his teammates. Teammates would chime in too. Some called him “sensitive” and others made it clear that they sided with the manager but “didn’t love Hanley any less”.

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The true damage from the storm won’t be known for a few days. If Ramirez can put his ego aside, as Gonzalez suggests, this might be good for him. But if he doesn’t this could be more of a distraction than anything else. This could also create a rift between the front office and the manager. If the biggest star on the team doesn’t play, then the fans aren’t happy. That causes a loss of money which will then make the front office mad and could cause them to back Ramirez which could make the situation ugly. Stay tuned to the St. Louis Sports Zone for all the latest updates on Hurricane Hanley.

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