Strasburg Makes Monumental Start For Nationals

St. Louis – June 9, 2010
By Jeremy Clements
Stephen Strasburg

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Last night Stephen Strasburg made his Major League debut against the Pittsburgh Pirates. While his debut was a big deal for him as a player it was even bigger for the Washington Nationals. 

This is the third team to call the D.C. area home. Both of the previous teams have relocated and today you know them as the Minnesota Twins and the Texas Rangers. When Commissioner Selig made the decision to move the Montreal Expos to Washington, there was concern that they could run the risk of having a third team fail in the nation’s capital. That worry has been put to sleep. And now after last night’s start by phenom Stephen Strasburg it has been erased. 

Strasburg has the potential to be the best pitcher to hit Washington since Walter Johnson and the biggest name to come to D.C. since Ryan Zimmerman. All the hype that surrounded this young pitcher as he rose through the minors with ease came to a boil last night as Strasburg dazzled the fans in a sold out Nationals Park for seven innings. Fans in the D.C. area caught Strasburg fever the day he was drafted. That fever may now spread farther than just the one player and become Nationals fever if they can become a true contender.


Bryce Harper bats during a Legion game. CREDIT: Andy Leslie via


Strasburg’s debut couldn’t have come at a better time for this franchise either. For the first time since they moved to D.C. they are in contention in June. With Strasburg in the rotation and another young stud, Bryce Harper, just drafted by the Nats, fans in the D.C. area may be witnessing the birth of the next Tampa Bay Rays.  

So while everyone else will get caught up in the hype surrounding Strasburg, I’ll be watching more closely to see if this Nats team becomes a contender in their division over the next few years.

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