Three Reasons Strasburg Shouldn’t Be An All-Star This Year.

St. Louis – June 23, 2010
By Jeremy Clements

Steven Strasburg and the All-Star Game

Stephen Strasburg
Image by Scott Ableman via Flickr

Washington Nationals pitcher Stephen Strasburg, who is scheduled to pitch tonight against Kansas City, has proven that he is capable of pitching on this level at his young age. His previous three outings have resulted in a 2-0 record with 32 strike outs and a 1.86 ERA, good numbers for anyone, let alone a 22 year old kid fresh out of the minors. His numbers have people talking about the possibility of Strasburg making the All-Star team. Are you crazy?! Here are a few reasons he shouldn’t be put on this roster:

First of all he’s a rookie who at the most would have made seven or eight starts before the break. Hardly the body of work one would think necessary to warrant a trip to the mid-summer classic.

Secondly, lets keep in mind that so far he’s faced: Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and the White Sox in that order. Needless to say none of those teams are exactly stacked. So you may want to see what he does against a team of higher quality before judging him to be “one of the games greatest.

Finally, do you think the Nats, who already have him on a pitch count, are really going to let him go to a game where they have absolutely no control over how long he’s pitching? I don’t. He’s putting up good numbers, but let’s hold off on the awards and honors hype just a tad.

Albert Pujols

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Speaking of the All-Star Game we’re getting closer to the date of the mid-summer classic. I’ll be releasing my picks tomorrow. But with all the talk of Strasburg having a chance to make the team it became clear once again that the governing powers, Bud Selig, need to figure out what the point of the All-Star Game is.

If they want this game to be nothing more than an exhibition and just pure entertainment for fans, like the other major sports in America do, then just let the fans vote and have someone from every team represented and put Strasburg on the team now. But if they want to make this game determine something as important as homefield advantage in the World Series, then they need to make changes necessary to make sure the best product is on a level playing field.

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