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The NBA Playoffs – Chapter One: Intrigue

The NBA is “where amazing happens” and this time of the year the best teams come together in some of the most intriguing match ups with everything on the line. More

The NBA Playoffs – Chapter Two: Drama-Less

Well, the 2nd round of the NBA playoffs has just about wrapped up and with the exception of one series, this round has been very boring. The CelticsCavaliers is the only series that didn’t end in a sweep. Where’s the drama that the playoffs are supposed to create!? More


One response to “Inside Dish

  1. This was one of the more spectacular seasons in the NBA as the west, a renowned bloodbath of competitive will, saw all 8 teams with a legitimate chance win 50 games. In the words of a credible source: “truly remarkable”

    The eastern conference, however, delivered the excitement of LeBron James, Dwight Howard, the Big Three, and the Hawks without much else to say. Yes, eight teams make the playoffs but the vast divide in skill leaves one to question if the bottom 4 teams are included out of formality.

    But on we go: Playoffs! The east is set according to plan. The Cavs take all with the Magic in tow. As previously stated the rest of the teams will barely gather more than 4 playoff wins this go around.

    The west is set for some real excitement, with dozens of shifts in playoff seeding through the last month. Finally things settled and fans will be treated to a packed second round. Should they both win, the Lakers and Nuggets will meet in a rematch of last years conference final. The bottom half of the bracket is just as good. The young Trailblazers will give the Suns some trouble, but Nash and company should dash on by. Their reward comes with a price though, because the Mavericks should win the battle of Texas against the aging Spurs and wait for the Suns in the second round.

    Let the playoffs begin!

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