LBJ: Your Destination Awaits

(St. Louis – May 19, 2010)

By now everyone has heard of LeBron James. You know of his amazing ability on the court and surely you have heard that in roughly forty days he will be a free agent for the first time in his career. Several places have been speculated as destinations for the King, but really only a few make sense.



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LeBron is from Akron, which isn’t far from the city. He’s quickly become a hometown hero and he could get away with almost anything there. Even wearing Yankees hats to Indians games. The Cavaliers front office has made it clear to LeBron that they are committed to winning by spending millions to get Shaq or making trades to get players like Antawn Jamison. Oh and let’s not forget that they can pay him the most money. He’s the man in that city and despite their recent lack of success in the playoffs it makes sense for him to stay in Cleveland.


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The Heat have a very strong team. If they bring back Dwayne Wade then LeBron would have a proven all-star caliber player to back him up on the floor at all times. The Heat also could have the ability to bring in another player to give them more depth. Young players like Udonis Haslem, Michael Beasley, and Mario Chalmers mean this team would become an instant favorite in the East if LeBron was added to the mix.


Former basketball player Michael Jordan
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The Chicago Bulls have been building a team for a few years now and they seem to be a few pieces away from being a real contender in the East. LeBron could be the missing piece to that puzzle. With Luol Deng, Joakim Noah and Derrick Rose already in the Windy City, this team is stocked with young talent that LeBron could use to his advantage. The only thing I could see getting in the way is the fact that there was once another number 23 in Chi-town, and that is a man that LeBron has already been compared to. But if he goes to Jordan’s city, and believe me it’s still Jordan’s, no matter how many titles he wins he will always here “that’s just one, Jordan had six”. That’s alot for the “King” to live up to. I’m not sure I would want that kind of pressure on top of just winning.

Los Angeles (Clippers)

Los Angeles Clippers vs. Dallas Mavericks

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Let’s talk L.A. The glamor and the stars. The big city. But not all would be great for LeBron in tinsel town. After all, Kobe is the star in that city. The Clippers do have some talent to build around. Baron Davis is still capable of putting up strong numbers and they have Blake Griffin returning this year as well. But I think this destination would be more for the benefit for the team than for LeBron. He’d share the spotlight with Kobe and I don’t think that the Clippers would be true contenders for a title either.

New Jersey

New Jersey Nets
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With a Russian billionaire as the new owner for the Nets and of course LeBron’s friend Jay-Z also being a tie between the Nets and the King many think it would make sense for him to play in New Jersey. The speculation that the Nets will move to Brooklyn also comes into this argument as well. Prokhorov is promising a title in five years and I’m sure he believes LeBron would play a key role in that happening. However the Nets are coming off of a 12-70 season and they don’t seem to be getting alot better that fast. I’m not sure what would make this destination appealing to LeBron other than the fact that it’s on the east coast.

New York

BOSTON - FEBRUARY 13:  Paul Pierce #34 of the ...

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Ah! We finally reach the Big Apple. The city that is home to Madison Square Garden and is the mecca of the media world. The gateway to all the lucrative sponsorships LeBron could want. His key to becoming a star known around the world. Wait a second, he already has deals with Nike and hundreds of other brands and businesses. What other deals could he want? He certainly doesn’t have to play in New York to get a watch deal. And anyone who knows about basketball in this country knows who he is and I would guess that basketball fans across the globe have heard about LeBron more than once. Let’s face it, this deal would be about having a major city to himself. Quite honestly, this team is worse than the Nets on paper and I don’t see LeBron in New York.

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