NBA Playoffs – Chapter 2: Drama-less

(St. Louis – May 11, 2010)

Well, the 2nd round of the NBA playoffs has just about wrapped up and with the exception of one series, this round has been very boring. The CelticsCavaliers is the only series that didn’t end in a sweep. Where’s the drama that the playoffs are supposed to create!?

Beasts of the East?

w:Jameer Nelson playing with the w:Orlando Magic

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The Orlando Magic who has been largely written off as a championship contender made quick work of the Atlanta Hawks. In fact, their smallest victory was a 14 point win in the finale of the series. The Magic haven’t lost a game since April and have only lost 3 games since February. If you think it’s going to be easy for a team to come in and beat these guys you are mistaken. The Magic are for real.

Showdown in the West

Kobe Bryant warming up for a game against the ...

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The Lakers swept the Jazz. I’m not really surprised. Utah had some injuries and the Lakers had to come out and prove they are still capable of destroying a team after some questioned them when Oklahoma City made their first round series interesting. Kobe and company aren’t going away anytime soon and they are heading to the conference finals again.

Steve Nash dribbling the ball

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The Suns will be meeting the Lakers for bragging rights in the West. They dismantled a Spurs team who shocked many after they took it to the Mavs in the first round. Amar’e Stoudamire has been refueled and is playing like he doesn’t want to be traded anymore. And what can you say about Steve Nash? He’s a tough guy who can play ball. I think the Suns can and will challenge the Lakers.

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