Another Day Another Denial of Steroid Use

(St. Louis – May 14, 2010)

Video Courtesy ESPN

The day after Brian Cushing found out he’d be keeping his award he decides to come out and say the things you heard in the video above or in this video. Are you kidding me?! Let’s look at a few things he says that just don’t really add up to me.

First he says “I want to make it known that I did not inject or ingest any illegal substances that would enhance my performance.”

Alright, then please explain how it got in your system. Why do I feel like this sounds similar to everything we’ve heard in baseball..”I didn’t knowingly take it” or “I didn’t know what was in it”. Really? You are a professional athlete. Your body is what makes you valuable. So you’re supposed to know what you are putting in it. Don’t give me any excuses about “not knowing what was in it” or about “how it got in my system.”

In the video from that I linked to he says “it’s unfortunate that after 23 years of hard work it is unfortunate that people just want to take it all away like this.” What do you expect Brian? If you cheated people are going to discredit you. Anytime a fan hears the word steroids they are going to think less of who the person who took them. Don’t act like you are that surprised. I bet you that if you found out that someone you looked up to cheated the game, you would discredit them too.

Brian Cushing speaks during a news conference last week.

I could sit here and nitpick everything he says, but in the end I’m just going to sit here and look at the facts. He tested positive for a banned substance. He appealed the test and the suspension and it was upheld. Cushing got his due process so now instead of denying it he should just sit down, shut up, and move on.

Can he repair his image? Sure, but it will take time and he should consider himself lucky that this was at the beginning and not at the end of his career. Atleast now if he can prove he’s clean in the future, people might be faster to give him credit for his numbers.

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