Favre Makes Vikings Look Bad

St. Louis – June 28, 2010
By Jeremy Clements
Brett Favre with the Vikings

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Before Minnesota Vikings fans start sending me hate mail let me clear something up. This has nothing to do with what he’s done on the field wearing the purple and gold.

Ok, now on with the article. This offseason football fans have been lucky to have not heard about Favre every night on Sports Center. Instead we’ve had LeBron…but thats another subject entirely.

Until recently things had been quiet around Favre. He didn’t show up for any of the offseason workouts, which we all expected would be the case. But when Adrian Peterson missed a day or workouts to be honored in his hometown that seemed to be a major problem for Brad Childress.

Childress said “This has the term mandatory for a reason. There’s work here.” But wait a second, Favre was absent and he didn’t have a reason other then “not knowing if he was coming back.” So then explain to be why the coach is blasting one guy and not the other?

ST. LOUIS, MO - OCTOBER 11: Head coach Brad Ch...

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I don’t care if Chilly has told the 40-year old quarterback to “take his time”. He is sending a mixed message to his players. Favre can take his sweet time deciding but another guy can’t take a day off to be honored in his hometown? I’m a fan of Brad Childress and what he’s done in Minnesota. But I also believe that a coach needs consistency when it comes to the message he sends to his players.

So Vikings fans today Brett Favre and your coach Brad Childress have made you look bad. Maybe not as bad as the Green Bay Packers who started all this waiting game non-sense, but if you keep this up you’re well on your way.

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