Super Bowl XLIV: Post Game News Conference

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It has been roughly 27 hours since the end of Super Bowl XLIV in Miami. In New Orleans, the party is probably still in full swing with a championship parade to take place tomorrow evening. As I did in the Pregame Speech, I will use this note to do a few things. First reflect on the game and secondly, explain why this game may mean more than you think, and of course I will leave plenty of time for the media to ask questions.

The Game

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Well, needless to say, I was wrong. My prediction looked good after the first quarter, but somewhere in the 2nd, it all fell apart for me. The Saints took control of the game in that pivotal quarter, and kept Peyton Manning off the field for over an hour in real time. It would be a little over 70 minutes between completions for the Colts quarterback. In my opinion, that is what made the difference. Yeah, the 4th quarter interception by Tracy Porter that was returned for a touchdown may have made a difference, but the Saints defense took the Colts out of the game and helped Drew Bress and company brought a title back to New Orleans giving a city devastated by a hurricane some real hope to cling to as they still recover today.

I wasn’t really shocked by the game, but I was shocked to find out that the highest rated commercial was the Snickers commercial with Betty White. Personally I thought it would’ve either been the Bud Light commercial with the house made of beer cans or Doritos commercial with the black child who warned his mothers boyfriend to keep his hands off the Doritos and his mom. I do also find it surprising that no one is talking about the LeBron James/Dwight Howard/Larry Bird McDonalds commercial. Overall I think it was an average commercial night considering some of the bigger ads we’ve had in recent history.

Why the Super Bowl Could Mean More Than You Think

Well now that the NFL season is in the books I suppose the collective media groups will begin to shift their focus back to the “will or won’t Brett Favre return” beat. But I think that this off season has a much more important story to watch.

If you haven’t heard it by now, the NFL is facing some labor issues. And to just put it simply, if a new Collective Bargaining Agreement isn’t reached by March 5th, we could be facing a lockout. What does that mean? It means a couple of things. First that we could be seeing an uncapped year in 2010. But before fans of teams like the Rams, Jaguars, Seahawks and other small to mid-market teams get upset I’d suggest researching the rules, or if your like me, just check out this story. Go ahead and read it. Then come back and see if you don’t feel better.

There now that you are a bit more relaxed knowing that teams like the Cowboys who have the “Steinbrenner of the NFL” and the “Palace in Dallas’ can’t go out and buy a championship I think we can turn our focus to the bigger issue at hand. The second and more serious consequence of no CBA in place….a lockout in 2011. Believe me, that is the last thing owners, players, and fans want. Despite the fact that owners could still make more than $5 million without playing a game in 2011 thanks to television contracts, they could multiply that figure several times over if they just play. So I don’t see a reason why after the Super Bowl they can’t get something done. Look at it this way, if they did it now, the NFL wouldn’t get any attention until the Draft. So as long as they stall and debate they keep themselves in the news. The bottom line is this, I think it will get done, much sooner than we know if Farve is retiring or not…but thats for another day.

Thanks for coming, I will now take questions and comments from the media…

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