Super Bowl XLIV: PreGame Speech

As I sit here working on the eve of the Super Bowl, I have countless thoughts running through my head. The week leading up this has been nothing short of a myriad of stories and angles from which to look at this game. Everyone under the sun has found some place to express their opinion on the game, on those involved and on well, pretty much anything and everything about Super Bowl XLIV. I will spare you my rambling opinion and just give you my prediction and a brief reason at the end of this post, but until then I will share my thoughts on a couple football related issues.

The Pro Bowl

AFC quarterback Peyton Manning, of the Indiana...

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Let’s face it folks, this game, well it is pretty much meaningless. The game that is supposed to be for the fans and showcase the players they want to see just isn’t that anymore. And now since the almighty powers that be in the NFL moved it to be before the Super Bowl, even fewer of the “all-stars” we want to see really play. Yes, you can point out that “Who Dat Nation” did see their Saints players, and those from “The Circle City” saw their Colts there as well, but they didn’t get to play since the Super Bowl is yet to be played. Face it, this game is out of date, obsolete and pretty much not worth watching. I’m not the only one with this opinion either. Here’s a story or two to echo my thoughts.

Media Day and the resulting week of angles, storylines and pointless interviews

Media Day is great, it is supposed to be the one day of the entire week leading up to the big game, that players address the media at length. Where they can talk trash, answer questions (mostly pointless ones) and do or say pretty much whatever they want. But then you get the rest of the week, and thanks to the “Worldwide Leader” every single angle is covered. Oh and don’t forget the countless Hall of Famers, analysts and others who want to try to persuade you to why one team is better.


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I do realize that we love sports as entertainment, and yes, part of that is because of the stories that sports involve. family legacies, legends, and even statistical accomplishments. They are all great, but at some point we do need to refocus on what this week should be about. Not about what team has a better logo. Or what team comes from a more deserving city. Or anything else that you can really think to ask. But about the football. But thanks to so much of today’s world being driven by marketing, people and companies in general will try to exploit anything and everything they can to make a dollar.


Super Bowl XLIV logo

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After some thought and just looking at some stats here are my predictions:

Final Score: Colts 28 – Saints 14

MVP: Peyton Manning

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